About Peak Camping Hammock

We— that’s Peak Camping Hammock founders Eric and Kelli— love the outdoors. Whether it’s heading out to a local trail for a hike, the exhilarating challenge of mountain biking, or slowing things down out on our SUP boards, we have always believed that life is better outdoors (especially in our 2 person camping hammock). It doesn’t matter if it’s hot, cold, raining, muddy, or sunny. Whatever the weather, we think that our time is best spent taking advantage of what the natural world has to offer.

Hammock camping is a natural choice for folks who spend as much time outdoors as we do. But as we began shopping for our first hammock, we quickly noticed that while there are plenty of hammock sellers, we only had two basic choices: high-end, technical, often wildly overpriced hammocks, or the kind you find on Amazon with no brand information, low-quality materials, and corners being cut at every opportunity. While hammock camping itself is the ultimate relaxation, buying our hammock was frustrating and stressful.

 So what are two tree-loving, trail-trekking hammock campers to do? We sought a way to source the highest quality product possible, without taking shortcuts and without tacking on a huge markup, so that more people could enjoy a camping hammock as much as we do. From that shared dream, Peak Camping Hammock was born. Once you kick back in one of our comfortable camping hammocks, we think you’ll agree: Life is better outdoors.

Peak Camping Hammock Founders - Eric & Kelli


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