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At Peak, we happen to believe that a camping hammock is essential gear for your wilderness adventures. Whether you’re just chilling at your campsite after a tough hike or you’ve settled in for a well-earned night’s sleep, you’ll find no better place to lay your head than a Peak camping hammock. But we all know that the outdoors is full of surprises, so what do you do when the bugs attack or the rain begins to pour? As always, Peak has you covered with our top-quality camping hammock accessories.

Literally, nothing can dampen your spirits like unexpected rain during your camping trip. That’s what makes our hammock rain fly one of the most crucial camping hammock accessories to have in your pack. At the first sign of dark clouds, you can quickly and easily set up your hammock rain fly. You’ll be cozy and dry as you drift off to the soothing sound of rain on the leaves.

[Another of our most useful camping hammock accessories is the hammock mosquito net. Mosquitos may not be the most dangerous threat you find in the wild, but they’re certainly the most annoying. You don’t want the hum of mosquitoes in your ears all night long (and you certainly don’t want to wake up itchy). With your hammock mosquito net, you’ll be safe from biting and buzzing insects while you doze.

While 10-foot tree straps are included with all our Peak camping hammocks, if you find yourself in need of a spare set, never fear. We also offer this most necessary of camping hammock accessories separately, so if you lose yours or just want a spare set, we’re here for you!] You know that Peak has the highest quality camping hammocks around, so why would you get your camping hammock accessories anywhere else? Don’t let bad luck make your outdoor adventure an outright disaster. Be ready for anything with camping hammock accessories from Peak!


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