Where to use your Camping Hammock in Northern California

Where to use your Camping Hammock in Northern California

If you are looking for where to set up your camping hammock in Norther California, we have compiled a short list of our favorites. 


Lake Tahoe is located along the state line of California and Nevada in Northern California, there are numerous must-see spots which are equipped as well as awaiting your camping hammock. Lake Tahoe is chock full of camping sites for camping hammock as well as trailer spots. The Tahoe National Forest along with the Lake Tahoe River basin possesses a lot more than 20 campgrounds, numerous camping tracks, as well as incredible fishing. Tahoe is constituted within the Sierra Nevada area; it is therefore convenient to locate a place to hang your camping hammock. Simply because Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America, Lake Tahoe not merely delivers unforgettable attractions but an abundance of adventures, as well.


Also in Northern California is the Redwood National and State Parks. These parks are the home of the centuries-old trees. Section of the park is regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although it is difficult to hang your 2 person camping hammock on the big redwood trees, it will be possible to locate numerous camping sites which are definitely well suited for sinking your boots into the vibrant terrain which has definitely nourished these trees. You possibly can camp in close proximity to the redwood forest or perhaps around the coast of the magnificent Pacific Ocean.


Big Sur is yet another location not to ever ignore whenever you take into consideration places to pitch your camping voyage. Big Sur is a haven to the Heart Castle and the refreshed sections of Monterey and Carmel. The bluffs that overlook the Pacific are effective and the vast majority of the terrain still has not been utilized over by homes as well as condos. It will be easier to spread wide your camping boots on the wide variety of astonishing hiking trails and discover suitable trees to sustain your camping hammock. Camping around the ocean on a bluff or perhaps in the Big Sur Valley is yet another location never to overlook on your California camping hammock escapade.


Crystal Cove State Park is a stunning place for camping. It’s in close proximity to Newport Beach as well as the Crystal Cove Historic District. There exist cottages to charter, however each and every camper understands that there is certainly absolutely nothing quite like pitching the camping hammock for a late evening under the stars. Just like Big Sur, you can as well camp on a bluff flanked by the Pacific Ocean or perhaps overlooking the El Moro Canyon. You will be able to take pleasure in the natural environment while getting to know about the inhabitants who designed the original tourist attraction in the 1930s.


Moving downstate, the Sequoia National Forest possesses over one million acres of the region in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This indicates that you can utilize your preferred camping boots to navigate the over 800 miles of hiking trails. There are a plethora of campgrounds within the Sequoia National Forest as well as the nearby Kings Canyon National Park that allows you to pitch your camping hammock and delight in the scenery, sounds, as well as fragrances of the awesome vintage outdoors.


Progressing even in-depth down the coast of California, Santa Barbara County is equipped with beachfront campsites that cover anything from extravagant to traditional. In the event you choose the Santa Barbara Resort, you can actually at all times keep your camping hammock in its transporting case which enables you to take pleasure in the glamorous glamping hammocks that accompany maid service. Otherwise, Santa Barbara County possesses bluff camping for individuals that desire to nurture their very own needs.

What are your favorite spots in Nor Cal to hammock? Share with us and we might just add it to our list!

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