What Is A Camping Hammock?

What Is A Camping Hammock?

The hammock has purportedly been around for 1000 or more years.  Documents from explorers to the Americas contain descriptions of fabrics hanging between trees that served as resting places for the inhabitants.  The hammock has surely stood the test of time and is now becoming more and more popular not just for backyard relaxation, but as a necessity for camping.  There are many benefits a camping hammock has to offer, and bringing it along will greatly enhance your camping experience. 


The early hammock was likely cloth and yarn, and although the concept has not changed much, the construction and material have improved in many ways.  The typical camping hammock is also known as a parachute hammock.  The name comes from similar materials that they share, as well as the way they are constructed. Regardless, you should not exit an airborne vehicle with your hammock.  Like a parachute, they is made of nylon, a synthetic material that is woven together.  Layers of fibers are interwoven and overlapped to provide extra strength, which is dubbed “rip-stop”; a description that is comforting to hear for hammock owners.  Most nylon hammocks can hold between 300-500 pounds easily,  due to the strong woven nylon material.  This material is also breathable and allows air to flow through the hammock, a useful characteristic if you want to spend the night in your hammock.  If you are looking to camp, the nylon camping hammock is right for you. 

Portable Camping Hammock

Not only strong, it is also compact.  Almost all hammocks have a small bag, or stuff sack, that is attached and can fit the entire hammock inside for easy storage.  A hammock and the straps to hang it can weigh less than two pounds, and take up as much space as a roll of toilet paper.  Try saying that about a tent!  The portability of hammocks makes them perfect for carrying along on a day hike from your camp, and setting them up in a scenic location.  They are the perfect portable seat and sleeping arrangement that you can have with you wherever you go. 

Easy to hang

A camping hammock is incredibly easy to set up.  Once the hammock is unpacked from the integrated stuff-sack, you select two stationary objects that are a reasonable distance apart.  Trees are the most popular option but do not count out things like your vehicle, boulders, and other available objects.  Wrap a strap around each object and then clip your hammock to the straps, then you are ready to relax! Once you find your two points to anchor from, the whole set up takes less than two minutes.  (The fastest recorded set up is 14 seconds, )  You can see how the camping hammock is superior to unfolding unwieldy tent poles or wrestling the camping chair from its sheath.


The camping hammock is more than just a place to sit and relax.  Many people are finding the comfort of a hammock to be far superior to sleeping on the ground.  Instead of packing and dealing with a bulky tent, pack a hammock and a tarp and enjoy a great night’s sleep. Not to mention the simplistic setup and take down.  In addition, the hammock straps make for a great place to hang clothes or other items.  It can easily take the place of a camp chair, and even have room for a friend!  A camping hammock can be a great rest spot next to a river the next time you are fishing. You can be the envy of all the picnickers at the park when you bring this to relax in.  Hang it up on the porch to create the perfect place to read a book.  The hanging options are endless!

Affordable Camping Hammock

Reclining, cocooned in a hammock stretched between two trees shouldn’t stretch your wallet.  Fortunately, camping hammocks are incredibly affordable.  The simple design and durable materials add up to a price point that is unbeatable.  For much less than $100 dollars you can be setting up your own personal relaxation station in the woods.  You can always add extras on like a mosquito net for buggy outings, or a tarp for rainy nights, but your total cost will be just a fraction of a traditional tent and camping chair set-up. 

In Summary

camping hammock is best defined as a lightweight, compact, and portable, hammock that can be hung in a variety of situations. Gathered-end nylon hammocks are most popular due to the versatility and ability to accept accessories with ease. These accessories include bug/mosquito net, rain fly, underquilt, overquilt, and more. For those most concerned with size, we would recommend a single camping hammock. For more casual users looking to stretch out or share with a friend, we recommend our 2 person camping hammock

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