Our Favorite Indiana Camping Hammock Spots

Our Favorite Indiana Camping Hammock Spots

Whether you want to enjoy nature deep in the woods of Brown County or take in the city skyline alongside the canal, there are plenty of camping hammock-friendly places to relax in Indiana. There are only two rules: leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but photos. Here is a list of the 7 best spots to hammock. Rest assured, it is okay to use a camping hammock at any one of these locations as long as you respect the nature around you.

White River State Park

Near the NCAA museum, where the canal meets the river, there is a beautiful stretch of willow trees which are perfect for hammocking. The White River State Park prides itself on being the only cultural urban state park in the nation with a wide variety of attractions such as the Indianapolis Zoo, the White River Gardens, the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, and many more. In addition to the cultural attractions, the hammocking space near and around the park is an excellent way to see the city while relaxing in the heart of the action.

Highland Park

Highland Park is a small little park known for its view of the city skyline. It’s just over 4 acres total, but there are several large trees in the park which are recommended for hammocking. Situated on a wooded hillside, Highland Park is the perfect city spot to use your camping hammock if you want to be just close enough to see the city but far away enough to be outside the hustle and bustle. History buffs will enjoy it to for its proximity to the historic Holy Cross neighborhood.

Marott Park

Marott Park near Broad Ripple is known for its quiet and secluded spots to hammock near the back of the park on the banks of the river. Another great historical spot in Indianapolis, Marott Park is a vast area with most of it being a protected nature preserve with indigenous plants and species of animals. There has been a great amount of work reviving and restoring Marott Park to its most natural state, and it is worth the hike to find a perfect shaded spot to set up your camping hammock.

Eagle Creek Park

One of the largest of the parks in the city, Eagle Creek Park consists of over 3,900 acres of wooded areas, ponds, streams, and grassy meadows. Just off the path near the nature center, there are wonderful trees to hammock in. Eagle Creek is primarily able to exist through its non-profit foundation, donations, and volunteerism in the name of natural preservation. Initially purchased by J.K. Lilly, Jr., Eagle Creek park is undoubtedly the quintessential park of Indiana and overflowing with beautiful spots to hammock in.

Turkey Run State Park

West of Indianapolis, in the city of Rockville, you’ll find Turkey Run State Park. Known for its trails, caverns, and displays of sandstone magnificence, you’ll never be short of places to put up your camping hammock. The hiking trails range in difficulty level so you might have to do some preparation to determine where you’re able to explore safely. Running through the middle of the park is Sugar Creek which is available for swimming and canoeing when the weather calls for it. 

Morgan-Monroe State Forest

If you’re truly looking to immerse yourself in the nature of Indiana, travel south to the Morgan-Monroe State Forest. Occupying more than 24,000 acres in south-central Indiana, this area is full of lakes, streams, deep woods, all connected with hiking trails. As with Turkey Run State Park, navigating Morgan-Monroe requires navigational and hiking skills especially when the weather changes frequently as it does in Indiana. Regardless, this is a Hoosier favorite for all things outdoors. For those that like to adventure with others, check out the 2 person camping hammock

IU Arboretum

Situated where the old stadium once stood, Indiana University’s arboretum is truly a natural wonder. Nationally recognized for its conservation and promotion of nature conservation efforts, Indiana University students take pride in this wooded area. Visitors and students alike are welcome to spend time among the trees, hammocking, picnicking, and simply enjoying nature.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our favorite spots to hang your camping hammock in Indiana. Where are your favorite places to set up? Did we miss one? Let us know and we might just add it to our list.  

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