Our 7 Favorite Camping Hammock Spots in South Carolina

Our 7 Favorite Camping Hammock Spots in South Carolina

From beautiful aquatic attractions to hiking and forestry, South Carolina offers some of the best places to use your camping hammock. South Carolina welcomes the usage of several camping hammock ideas into its rich attractions and lovely parks. If you are always on the lookout for fun activities to do, then the top 7 Places to Hammock in South Carolina listed below is right for you. During the summer months, South Carolina is always a haven for families. Most beach houses, parks, and other attractions are well packed with several fun packages to keep up the fun. South Carolina is also full of adventures and history waiting to happen. Below are the Top 7 Places to Hammock in South Carolina which you can explore.

Hunting Island State Park

Hunting Island State Park features a 6.4 km beachfront alongside its natural and pristine experience, it also provides the perfect opportunity for using your camping hammock. Although the beach is slightly eroded near the south, ample shore relics are still available in the campground areas and a central section. There also several features of trails for biking and hiking, including a loop trail that connects the lagoon and maritime forest. A short walk leads visitors across a section of hammock and marshall along a tidal creek.

Jones Gap State Park

Jones Gap State Park is considered to be amongst the most beautiful of all in Carolina. The park features tent camping and awesome private walk-in sites with a creek running through. It is a complete pack in pack out park with excellent spot raised above the Middle Saluda River. With nice clearing for tent pitch and fire kindle, you can make use of your camping hammock for relaxation while enjoying the tranquil tone of water hitting rocks.

Pawleys Island

This Island is home to the popular hammocks, and you would find more hammock hanging on trees and porches across every turn. Still made in the island are Rope-tied hammocks. You can easily catch the glimpse of some master craftsmen weaving rope into something magical. While in Pawleys Island, you can also take a walk under towering oaks where you can be certain to get the perfect souvenir.

Poinsett State Park

Poinsett State Park offers a decent campground for the usage of a camping hammock. This Park is located in a diverse area between the fall line of the Upper Coastal Plain and the High Hills of Santee. The 1,000-acre park features a variety of habitats for everyone to delight in and explore. The campground provided can lodge trailers, tents, and RV’s. Other additions made available include cabins and primitive campsites.

Santee State Park

The Santee State Park is found in South Carolina and is popular as one of the best outdoors destinations available today. Santee State Park offers biking, boating, cabins, hiking, and fishing activities for visitors. The park is situated in the popular Lake Marion and your camping hammock would always make a difference here.

South Carolina’s Hammock Coast

If you seek some quintessential weekend featuring the best beach experience, then you have got it all here. The South Carolina’s Hammock Coast provides a supreme blend of beach, and food alongside fun activities to keep you busy with your camping hammock. Sited between Charleston and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina’s Hammock Coast is defined by ancient rivers and sandy beaches. It pictures a slower and more laid-back neighborhood, but once you discover this superb spot, it remains part of you forever.

The Foothills Trail

The Foothills Trail is also perfect for hiking trips. It features a 76-mile hiking trail situated in Northwest South Carolina. The Foothills Trail also links Oconee to Table Rock State Park. Hidden in the Wooden Falls, you get to find some of South Carolina’s finest hiking, as well as several Waterfalls and the usage of the 2 person camping hammock, would always come in handy.

Do you find the list of Top 7 Places to Hammock in South Carolina interesting? Would you love to visit any time soon? Let’s know your favorite location to use your camping hammock in South Carolina. 

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