ENO Doublenest vs. Peak 2 Person Camping Hammock

ENO Doublenest vs. Peak 2 Person Camping Hammock

When you’re miles from civilization, roughing it in the wilderness, you need camping gear that you can depend on to keep you safe and comfortable. That’s why many of us opt for pricy equipment with a familiar brand name, because there’s an assumption that in order to get the best product on the market, you have to shell out the maximum amount of cash. Here at Peak, we think that’s bogus. When you pay the huge markup on gear from big brands, you’re essentially just paying for a recognizable label— and a label isn’t going to help you in the middle of the woods.

At Peak, we’re all about giving you the greatest value for your money. We’re confident that our camping hammocks stand up to the industry leaders’, whether you’re examining the specs or testing them in the field. Don’t be taken in by gimmicks and flashy advertising! Once you give Peak camping hammocks a try, you’ll never blow your money on overpriced gear again.

ENO is a name with which all hammock campers are familiar. By examining their ENO Doublenest alongside our Peak 2-Person Camping Hammock, we’re going to show you how Peak hammocks are the best value and the smartest choice.


ENO Doublenest: Lightweight, durable, soft, spacious yet compact, easy setup, attached stuff sack

Peak 2-Person Camping Hammock: Lightweight, durable, soft, spacious yet compact, easy setup, attached stuff sack

If those two lists of features look similar, it’s because they are! Both the ENO Doublenest and the Peak 2-Person Camping Hammock offer a great hammock camping experience. Since they’re made of similar materials, both camping hammocks are comfortable and breathable, offering a cozy place for you to relax and sway in the breeze. Both hammocks are lightweight and compact when stored, making it easy to tote them from place to place. They’re made of sturdy yet soft nylon that stands up to the many challenges of the outdoors, so you can trust it to keep you off the ground and hanging loose. Setting up a camping hammock is always joyously simple, which is one of the many reasons we love them. (But do you have all the equipment you need to set up an ENO Doublenest? More on that later.) Finally, while both hammocks have an attached stuff sack, only the Peak 2-Person Camping Hammock fits into its bag along with its carabiners and straps. The ENO Doublenest requires two sacks: one for the hammock and carabiners, and one for the straps.

Typically, the basics are the basics, no matter which brand of hammock you choose. It’s going above and beyond the basics that makes the Peak 2-Person Camping Hammock stand out!

Materials & Size

ENO Doublenest: 70D High Tenacity Nylon Taffeta

Peak 2-Person Camping Hammock: Ultralight 210t Nylon

While we use two different ways of classifying our nylon (they use denier, we use thread count) it’s essentially the same material. Both are lightweight, durable, breathable, and soft, with triple-stitched seams for extra dependability. However, the ENO Doublenest has a maximum capacity of 400 pounds and dimensions of 9’4” x 6’2”, while the Peak 2-Person Camping Hammock can support up to 500 pounds and is about 9’10” x 6’ 7”. This can make a significant difference, especially if you plan on sharing! One of the biggest benefits of hanging out in a camping hammock is the luxurious comfort. Don’t give that up by choosing a hammock that leaves you feeling cramped and crowded.


ENO Doublenest: Aluminum wiregate carabiners

Peak 2-Person Camping Hammock: Aluminum wire-hanger carabiners & 10’ tree straps

These are the three things you need to hang your camping hammock: the hammock itself, a couple of carabiners, and some tree straps (well, and a pair of trees, but we figure you can find those on your own). What good is a hammock without a way to hang it? Not much. That’s why we include all the essentials when you purchase a 2-Person Camping Hammock (or any camping hammock) from Peak.

The ENO Doublenest, on the other hand, comes with carabiners and no straps. So how do you hang? Well, that’s an extra cost and inconvenience— as we mentioned, you’re stuck carrying two separate sacks in order to successfully camp with your camping hammock. For first-timers, the lack of straps can be confusing and unexpected, so shop wisely when you’re buying a camping hammock and keep track of added expenses. Stick with Peak to make sure you get everything you need for a fun hammock camping adventure. 


ENO Doublenest: 2-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects

Peak 2-Person Camping Hammock: Lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects

The difference here speaks for itself. Most people don’t use their camping hammock every day, or even every week. Sometimes it takes a while to fully test the craftsmanship and materials. You want camping gear you can depend on, but more than that, you want a guarantee that you’re covered if something goes wrong. At Peak, we stand behind our products 100%. We’re so confident in the quality and workmanship of our hammocks and accessories that we offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Take home a Peak camping hammock now, use it until you’re old and gray, and if your hammock has issues that are our fault, we’ll replace it free of charge (and congratulate you on rocking that camping hammock lifestyle in your 60s).

With ENO, you also get a warranty— for 2 years. After that, you’re on your own. Need we say more?


ENO Doublenest: $69.95 for hammock and carabiners, $29.95 for similar tree straps

Peak 2-Person Camping Hammock: $75 for hammock, carabiners, tree straps, and lifetime warranty

Everybody wants to get the best deal. In the age of internet shopping, we often have hundreds of buying options at our fingertips, giving customers more power than ever before but also leaving them overwhelmed and confused. At Peak, we put a lot of hours into researching the competition so that you don’t have to. We built our company on the concept of providing the best value on the market with low prices on carefully selected, premium materials. All things considered— quality, features, warranty, price— Peak is the smart choice for hammock enthusiasts, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced camper. With Peak, you never get less, you just pay less.

If you’re here for the concrete figures, a Peak 2-Person Camping Hammock with carabiners, tree straps, and a lifetime warranty comes in at $75. The ENO Doublenest is $69.95 for the hammock, carabiners, and 2-year warranty. If you want a way to actually hang your ENO Doublenest, you’re looking at a minimum $14.95 for a pair of tree straps, and about $29.95 for straps that are a similar length to Peak’s, bringing your total to at least $84.90. It’s simple math: With Peak, you get more for less money, any way you slice it.


When it comes down to it, ENO has a great product and a loyal following. But we think that Peak has a great product with better features at a better price, and all the hype in the world isn’t going to change that. Step away from the big, expensive brands and give Peak camping hammocks a chance to impress you. When you’re relaxing in a spacious, comfy hammock, being rocked to sleep by a gentle breeze, and all without breaking the bank, we’re sure you won’t regret it.



ENO Doublenest

Peak 2-Person Camping Hammock


Lightweight, durable, soft, and convenient

Lightweight, durable, soft, and convenient


70D High Tenacity Nylon Taffeta

Ultralight 210t Nylon

Size & Capacity

9’4” x 6’2”, 400 pounds max

10' x 6’ 5”, 500 pounds max


Aluminum wiregate carabiners

Aluminum wire-hanger carabiners & 10’ tree straps


2-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects

Lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects


~$99.90 for hammock & equipment

$75 for hammock & equipment

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