Five Things to Consider When Buying a Camping Hammock

Five Things to Consider When Buying a Camping Hammock

If you are looking for a camping hammock, you’ll find a plethora of choices out there from established brands to generic offerings and everything in between.  This is both good and bad. Bad because with so many choices, determining which one is the best for you can be a daunting task. Good because out of every camping hammock, there is bound to be one that fits your needs perfectly.

Before you plow through the myriad of camping hammocks for sale, here are five things to consider.

How tricked out do you want your camping hammock?

While most camping hammocks are comfortable by their very nature, there are some that come with an abundance of accessories that can turn your comfy cocoon into a tiny Taj Mahal. How tricked out you want your hammock can depend on the level of comfort you require. But it also depends on how technical you plan on getting with your camping.

With mosquito nets, rain shields, zippered entries, extra straps, sleeping pads, storage pouches, and insulating materials available in the top-flight camping hammocks, your comfort will increase and so will your options.

Of the many camping hammocks for sale, a more tricked out hammock will give the confidence to stay in the woods overnight, under more extreme weather conditions, and with terrain that is more challenging. Though pricier, choosing a setup more decked out will give you more comfort, while leading you to more adventure.

Where do you like to hang?

In finding a camping hammock that meets your requirements, where you plan on using it makes a big difference. If you prefer day camping, simply relaxing at a park or beach, or hanging in the backyard, a basic, open air, single or double sling hammock will do. Just make sure the fabric is made of nylon or polyester and has quality straps. Adding a stand will help increase versatility.

But if trekking deep into the woods in varying weather conditions is more your speed, a hammock with more accessories may be a better option. There are many excellent camping hammocks that work great in the elements with added accessories. However, if you want to go Spartan and experience nature to its fullest, a regular, open air, quality hammock will work just fine.      

How adventurous are you?

There are camping hammocks that are made specifically for more extreme camping. If you like your camping more on the hardcore side, there are hammocks available that offer features that will get you through the type of conditions that make the more faint of heart hike back to the car.

Quilted down insulated padding, military grade fabric, spacer arcs, liners, and added storage pockets become your allies in battling the chill, even in the dead of winter. These type of hammocks, designed to endure, will also enable you to tackle tougher terrain.

If you envision hanging from a cliff in a hammock and getting outdoors in all three seasons, go ahead and opt for plenty of features. Also, find a hammock with heavier grade fabric. But remember, most camping hammocks for sale are lauded for being lightweight. A heavier pack is the tradeoff you’ll have to endure for a hardier setup.

Size matters

Camping hammocks also include double capacity. A 2 person camping hammock are popular for obvious reasons. The only negatives compared to a single hammock are the packed size and heavier weight. But a double hammock comes with an added perk – a single occupant in a double makes for more comfort and extra security.

You may want to consider the dimensions of your hammock and its configuration, as well. The idea is to be comfortable, so you don’t want a hammock that cramps you. Most camping hammocks accommodate all sizes of campers. However, with all the various styles and makes of camping hammocks, not every hammock is the same. Certain configurations may not be a good match for every person.

Quality, quality, quality

Above else, when it comes to camping hammocks, quality is the key. And for more than one reason. Quality materials are important not only for comfort, value, and durability but also for safety. Lack of quality only increases the chances of equipment failure. Which makes having a well-built hammock made of quality materials a must, no matter if you are sitting a few feet above the ground near a campfire surrounded by friends or hanging over jagged rocks alone and miles away from another human being.

When considering your next hammock, there are many camping hammocks to choose from. Finding the right one for you may take a little effort. But start with picking one that is high quality. Next, ensure the dimensions and configuration are a good fit for you. Finally, determine how you plan to use it. Lastly, have fun and be safe! And if you are still searching, check out our selection of camping hammocks.


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