A Closer Look at Our Camping Hammock - The Carabiner

A Closer Look at Our Camping Hammock - The Carabiner

Your camping hammock is just like one big puzzle, and you need all the vital pieces together if you really want to realize the big picture or in a camper’s case the ultimate hammock camping experience. Aluminum wire gate carabiners are valuable pieces to your Peak camping hammock. All Peak camping hammocks come with a pair of these amazing carabiners. If you’ve ever been on an outdoor adventure, then you definitely understand that even the smallest things make huge differences, so you can’t afford to forget the importance of these pieces.

Carabiners are important components of our camping hammock suspension system, and you need the right ones for a safer and stress-free hammock set up. The boxes to check when selecting the perfect camping hammock carabiners include; are they lightweight? Are they of a suitable shape and design? How much weight can they handle? And how durable are they? That’s quite a few boxes to check, right? Well, You don’t have to worry about all of these because, at Peak, we’ve already made the best choice of carabiners for your camping hammock. The Aluminum wire gate carabiners included in all of our lightweight camping hammocks come with the following superb features:

They are made of aluminum: Just as the name implies, our carabiners are made of anodized 7057 aluminum. Elementary chemistry teaches that exposing a metal to damp air leads to corrosion. Our decision to use Aluminum carabiners removes the risk of rusting so they will be right there by your side. Come rain, come shine, you are good to go. The aviation grade aluminum used in making our hammock carabiners is given a smooth finish which makes them friendly on both your hands and your hammock strap. Our camping hammock carabiners also come with a stainless steel wire gate system which enables you to attach them to the tree friendly straps you get from Peak and those on your camping hammock with amazing ease. Unlike the solid straight or solid bent carabiner gate systems, the wire gate is less likely to freeze shut in very cold and wet conditions, and also allow for a wider gate opening.

Note: Carabiners are commonly used for another awesome outdoor activity; rock climbing, however, our wire gate carabiners are designed for this. Therefore our aluminum wire gate carabiners should not be used for this purpose.

They are extremely light weight: At Peak, we’ve always emphasized on the endless benefits of an extremely lightweight camping gear. These carabiners have been made of aluminum for such its exceptional strength at a rather negligible weight. A pair of our the camping hammock aluminum carabiners weighs less than 1.7 ounces. Apart from being lightweight, they also come in a relatively small size; each carabiner measures 3inches X 3.86inches X 0.24inches which means you can easily fit them in your pack and still have sufficient room for other hammock camping essentials. Carabiners are also an upgrade to S-hooks and steel carabiners because they come with no springs that could slacken over time, are lighter and multifunctional.

They are easy to handle and of supreme strength: Our camping hammock aluminum carabiners are of the asymmetrical D-shape and can be comfortably used with one hand. These aluminum carabiners are strong enough to handle most job rated below 2,697 pounds (12KN). This means that our hammock carabiners can withstand a force equivalent of up to six times the weight of “Big Show”; the WWE superstar.  Amazing right? Granted, our 2 person camping hammock can only hold one person the size of the "Big Show", it is still pretty impressive. Once correctly utilized, the chance of your camping hammock carabiner cracking under pressure is totally eliminated as the odds are less than zero, literally! 

They are easy to use: Setting up your Peak camping hammock with the aid of our aluminum carabiner isn’t rocket science. Once you have your tree friendly straps set up, simply attach the carabiners to the straps from the trees and those on each end of your camping hammock. If you are using our camping hammock for the first time, check our detailed guide on how to set up a camping hammock.

Now that you know about our carabiners, find out more about our great hammock selection here:

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