7 Reasons to Try Hammock Camping

7 Reasons to Try Hammock Camping

Camping is all about the adventure, and if you’re an experienced camper, you’re always looking for new and exciting ways to enjoy the great outdoors. If there was a way to camp that involved lighter gear, more comfortable sleep, less impact on the wilderness you love, and an experience that’s simply better overall, you’d jump at the chance to try it, right? Lucky for you, hammock camping offers all that and more.

There are no gimmicks here, no hipster trend. Though hammock camping has seen a recent spike in popularity, this method has been a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts for centuries. So, what makes hammock camping so superior to a traditional tent? Check out the top 7 reasons why you should choose a camping hammock for your next wilderness adventure.

7. Hammock setup is quick and easy.

By the time you’re ready to step off the trail and call it a night, the last thing you want to do is struggle with setting up camp. You’re already tired, achy, and hungry from the day’s adventures, and anyone who has put up a tent knows that the experience is tedious at best and frustrating at worst. Camping hammocks, on the other hand, are incredibly simple to hang and are ready for lounging in a matter of minutes. All you need is your hammock, two tree straps, and a pair of trees about 15 feet apart. Secure the straps to the trees and to your hammock, and that’s it! For all the details of hanging a hammock, check out our guide on How to Set Up Your Camping Hammock.

6. Camping hammocks are compact and lightweight.

If you’ve ever tried hauling a tent deep into the woods, over hills and along rough trails, you know that it can quickly take the fun out of your hike. Tents are heavy and bulky, with many parts and pieces to keep track of. When it comes to weight and size, camping hammocks are the clear winner. When stored in its attached stuff sack, the 10-foot 2 person camping hammock is less than half the size of a standard sleeping bag. This makes it easy to fit in your pack, or you can even hang it on the outside for a little extra room. Our hammocks are crafted from 210T nylon, which means they’re durable yet incredibly lightweight. You’ll barely notice it’s there!

Combined with the ease of setup, the size and weight of camping hammocks means it’s much simpler to change campsites than it would be with a tent. You can even set up your hammock alongside the trail for an afternoon nap! The possibilities are endless.

5. Hammock camping leaves no trace.

If you love the great outdoors, chances are, you do your best to leave it exactly as you found it. You understand that in order to enjoy wild places to the fullest, they need to be preserved and protected. Hammock camping is the best way to avoid damaging trees and brush or disturbing the plant and insect life that a tent could easily crush. When your hammock is hung properly with tree straps (which are included with every Peak camping hammock), you won’t even damage the bark or limbs of the trees that hold you up. Because your hammock is suspended above the ground, there’s no need to rearrange the natural landscape to accommodate your comfort. When you pack up and leave your campsite behind, you’ll feel great knowing you helped keep the area beautiful and pristine. 

4. Camping hammocks are more comfortable.

It’s a bold claim, but we stand behind it: Camping hammocks are the most comfortable way to rest when you’re camping. Imagine no more nights of realizing there’s a rock under your back or feeling the coldness of the ground seep through your tent. Imagine not being crammed into a small space with your fellow sweaty, snoring campers. Instead, picture yourself in a camping hammock, breathing in the fresh air, cocooned in soft nylon. With a camping hammock, you’ll be gently swaying in the breeze, cozy, dry, and fast asleep while anyone in a tent is still trying to get comfortable. Hammocks make it possible to get the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had while camping. That alone makes hammock camping worth a try!

3. You can customize your camping hammock with accessories.

Many people who are interested in hammock camping worry about how the environment and conditions will affect their experience. What if it rains? What if I’m bombarded by mosquitoes and other insects? With a camping hammock alone, these are valid concerns. Luckily, there are some easy solutions! At Peak, we will soon offer both a hammock rain fly and a hammock mosquito net, so that no matter what nature throws at you, you can still rest easy in your camping hammock. Just pack one or both of these lightweight accessories along with your hammock. Set up is extremely easy, and the rewards are huge: You’ll stay dry when the rain pours and no buzzing or biting insects will disturb your slumber.

2. Camping hammocks are extremely versatile.

Unlike tents, camping hammocks offer a wide range of options when it comes to uses and capabilities. Believe it or not, there’s nothing a tent can do that a hammock can’t! We guarantee there’s a type of camping hammock that’s perfect for your individual needs. If you’re looking to keep it basic, our single camping hammock is just fine for one person to relax or nap. Our 2-person camping hammock allows you and a trailmate to lounge around together, or you can stretch out on your own for a luxurious night’s sleep. With the right camping hammock accessories, you don’t even have to worry about insects or weather! And since you can use your sleeping bag or a blanket in your camping hammock, chilly nights won’t prevent you from resting comfortably.

Camping hammocks are also versatile in terms of where they can be set up. Got a muddy campsite? A rocky one? Uneven ground? Trees too dense for a tent? Because camping hammocks only require two trees and a narrow space to hang, they allow you to camp in places that tents simply can’t. You’ll never need to waste time searching for a suitable campsite at the end of a long day.

1. Hammock camping is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Adventure. That’s the bottom line, isn’t it? When you set out on a camping trip, you’re looking for a change of pace, a beautifully wild place to explore, an escape from normal life. Those moments in the outdoors are precious and all-too-brief, and you don’t want to spoil them by towing unpleasantly heavy gear or losing sleep due to discomfort or finding that perfect campsite with the breathtaking view and realizing your tent simply won’t fit.

That’s what truly sets hammock camping apart. So many worries and difficulties simply disappear when you opt for the freedom of camping with a hammock. You’ll be surprised how much more satisfying and rejuvenating your time in the wilderness becomes when you let go of all the stress and choose to live in the moment. Hammock camping liberates you from all the negatives, so you can focus entirely on what the outdoors has in store.

Ready to give hammock camping a shot? Here at Peak, we believe that life is better outdoors. If that sounds like a motto you can get behind, we encourage you to take the plunge and see the benefits of hammock camping for yourself. Find the perfect hammock here:

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